Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Black-eyed Susan  and  Brown-eyed coneflower

Family: Composite/Aster
Genus: ​Rudbeckia

Black-eyed Susan
​R. hirta

​Native to Ontario

Height: up to 1 m

Habitat: Prairie remnants, savannahs
Blooms: July to October

​Stem covered in bristly hairs

Flower head: 5-7.5 cm. 8-20 yellow rays surrouonding a dome-shaped purplish-brown disk. ​​ 
Coneflower, brown-eyes or thin-leaved
​R. triloba


​Biennial or perennial
Height: up to 1.5 m

Habitat: Open woodlands and thickets
Blooms: June to August

​Flower head: short blunt ray florets surrounding dark brown dome-shaped disk. 

Stem: branching
Some lower leaves have 3 lobes (hence the species name).