Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Rose
Genus: ​Potentilla

Cinquefoil, common
​P. simplex

​Native to Ontario
Habitat: Woodlands and open sites
Blooms: Spring and early summer

​Creeping stems which root at nodes.

Flower:  10-15 mm.

Leaves: 5 leaflets

Flowers and leaves on separate stalks.

Cinquefoil, rough-fruited or sulphur
P. recta

Habitat: Dry open areas
Blooms: May to July

An erect hairy plant up to 60 cm.

Flowers: 1.25 cm. Paler yellow than above, in flat-topped clusteres. 

Leaves: 5 leaflets   

Cinquefoil, tall
P. arguta

​Native to Ontario
Habitat: Dry meadows, rocky soil and prairies.

Blooms: Spring and summer

Erect hairy stem, up to 1 m

Flowers: creamy-white  2 cm in loose clusters.  

Cinquefoil, rough 
P. norvegica

​Native to Ontario 
Habitat: Open areas
Blooms: Late spring to fall.

Height: Up to 90cm.
Stem: Hairy

Flowers: 1 cm. Sepals longer than petals. 

Leaves: 3 leaflets