Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Butter and Eggs  or  Yellow Toadflax 
​Linaria vulgaris

​Family: Plantain

Blooms: July to October
Habitat: fields and waste areas
Height: up to 1.3 m

​Flower: 2-3.5 cm 

​Pollination is by bumblebees and large honey bees, which are strong enough to open the lips of the flower and large enough to reach the nectar in its spur-like tube. The plant can also self-fertiize.

​"Butter and eggs" relates to the colours of the flowers.  "Toad" relates to the shape of the flower's "mouth" which can be opened by squeezing behind the lips similar to a snapdragon.  "Flax" relates to the slender leaves which resemble those of flax from which linen is made. The genus name ​Linaria ​is Latin for flax.