Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​

Genus: ​Erigeron

Family: Composite/Aster
​​​Fleabane, Philadelphia​​
E. philadelphicus

Native to Ontario  

Blooms: April to August
Habitat: Moist, open, disturbed areas
​Height: Up to 70 cm

Flower cluster: up to 30 radiate heads

Flower head: 2.5 cm consisting of 100-150 densely packed ray florets (white to pink) surrounding densely packed yellow disk florets. 

​Upper leaves clasp the stalk.

​​​Fleabane, daisy​​
E. annua

Native to Ontario 
Blooms: June to October
Habitat: waste places
​Height: Up to 150 cm

Flower head: 1.5 cm consisting of 50-100 tightly packed ray florets (white to pink) surrounding yellow disk florets.  Rays are short in relation to disk.

​Leaves do not clasp stalk.