Wildflowers of Toronto's High Park​​


Family: Composite/Aster
​Genus: Aster
​Native to Ontario
Aster, New England
​A. novae-anglaie 
Blooms August to October 
Habitat: Moist fields, marshes, shorelines.

​Height: Up to 1 m

​Flower head: 2.5-3 cm with many long thin purple ray florets surrounding numerous golden disk florets, arranged in clusters.
Aster, heath
​A. ericoides
Blooms: August to October 
Habitat: Dry open places, tall-grass prairies and savannahs

​Height: Up to 1 m
​Flower head: 8-12 mm composed of 3-5 mm white ray florets surrounding eyllow to brown disk florets.

Cluster: dense, panicle-like or pyramid-shaped.
Aster, sky-blue 
​A. oolentanigiensis
Blooms: August to October 
Habitat: Dry and prairie-like areas

​Height: Up to 1 m
​Leaves: arrow-shaped, rough like sandpaper

​Flower heads: 0.5 cm consisting of sparse azure blue ray florets surrounding yellow disk florets, arranged in clusters. 
Aster, panicled or lance-leaved
​A. lanceolatum
Blooms: August to October
Habitat: Moist open areas and stream banks. 

​Height: Up to 1.5 m
​Leaves: lance-shaped

​Flower head: up to 2.5 cm, composed of 3-10 mm white-to-mauve ray florets surrounding yellow disk florets which are partially hidden by white pappas hairs.
​Arranged in panicle-like clusters
Aster, large-leaved
​A. macrophyllus
Blooms: July to October
Habitat: Woodlands 

​Height: Up to 90 cm

​Lower leaves: heart-shaped, up to 15 cm, hairy and sticky beneath.

​Flower head: flat-topped corymb up to    3 cm
Rays: 9-16 rays (8-13 mm), white or lavender
Disk Florets: 20-40. Yellow becoming purple tinged.